Flamingo Crutch
Product Design
Flamingo Crutch
Product Design_2008
 'Flamingo' is a crutch that aims to solve the important ergonomic and usage problems of the conventional crutches with a simple and aesthetic way, by its own form instead of using  mechanism.

 'Floamingo' provides holding alternatives by its continious form in order to divide the pressure in the hand while holding the handle which is the biggest problem of the conventional crutches that has been using. The properties shock absorbing and self amortization improved by the handles allows not only the weight which the arms and the body has to carry getting less but also walking getting more continious. Also using the crutch is easier by the support of the part touches the arm.

 The solidty and durability of the upperpart improved by the injection on the shaped aluminium structure.'Flamingo' crutch for everyone who has to use it therefore  the user can adjust the height of the crutch by the button at the lower part. Elastomer parts injected on the polycarbone parts to get a soft texture and also to prevent the sliding of the hand while holding, cause not to slide the parts which allows shock absorbing when they touch each other. The continious elestomer part is used on the lower part due to using continious and extra support.
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